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Cleannerhub.com was founded in the year 2017. Its aim was to provide consumers with a comparison site and manufacturers with a competitive customer interaction site.Through this duration, we have offered high-quality service and gained expertise on review and listing aspects.We have tangible experience from our consumers as displayed in the feedback section of our site.We have also helped improve the standards of various products through giving consumer comments back to the manufacturers and even at times make recommendations.We never stop developing our site based on the current trends, comments, feedbacks, and recommendations from various stakeholders.We would warmly appreciate your suggestions on future face of our site.

Our purpose is to help you find best quality vacuums.Our experience enables us to help you avoid sub-par vacuums through expert reviews.We do thorough research on all products on our site, therefore, achieve the credible rating.We subject all products to the equal chance of review without any bias, we through this promise the most accurate review of the product.

How do we achieve our purpose? We list all possible products in the particular range.We research about each and in a friendly and beautiful presentation present them on our site.You visit our site with a vacuum mind but on a few clicks you all the information you may need on the product.Even at a point advise someone else over the products.

Unlike other sites, we choose expert reviewers to write on the particular Cleannerhub.com with no bias.We highlight the most necessary information about the product in a simple readable language but in few words.we would not want situations where you read numerous pages of a product.It’s tedious and time-consuming.This is our distinction from other sites.

Our page is attractively designed with highlights on hot new vacuums in the market, top rated products, a live search and a category navigation.You can easily filter your choice product and even choose your choice product within few clicks.

Expert Reviews:

Our expert reviewers opinions are displayed here.They carry an explained analysis of the product transversing through manufacturers description, overuser opinion, pricing, quality, and availability.Manufacturer Description:

Manufacturer Description:

In this page, you find the manufacturer’s about their product.The uniqueness, strength, and quality are given special attention.On this is also a Manufacturer specification page that gives more information on the product.Each Manufacturer has an equal space to describe their product.Manufacturers contacts are also displayed here.Appreciation:


We highly appreciate your visiting our site and always look forward to your feedback.

User Review:

The information on this page is from users who have direct experience with the vacuums. They maybe many with the different opinion but still useful.


This page answers most common questions frequently asked by people and some specific as asked by consumers of both the products and our services. Sample questions on specific Cleannerhub.com are answered both by the reviewers and manufacturers.


This page has pretty pictures of various events and products.Some video clips are also available here.