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Bee Hunting John Ready Lockard

Bee Hunting

John Ready Lockard

Kindle Edition
72 pages
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 About the Book 

Bee Hunting (72 pages, copyright 1908, public domain) is one of Hardings Pleasure and Profit Books. The author, John Ready Lockard, explains in plain language how to attract wild bees, using scent and bait, and then follow them (known as bee lining) to their home high in a distant tree, or sometimes in unexpected places.Bee lining instructions are given for different times of the year, lining from different food sources, such as sumac and buckwheat, or from water, and how to harvest the comb. Mr. Lockard give his opinion on the proper method of burning to attract bees, a bit of history of bee keeping equipment, ownership customs, and the profits that can be made.This edition contains all of the text of the original book, and was specially formated for ePub readers.This eBook, along thousands of other public domain books, is available for free download at Project Gutenberg (gutenberg.org), and the scanned image of the original work may be viewed at Internet Archive (archive.org). It is being offered here by the individual who transcribed the original work as a Project Gutenberg volunteer, at the lowest price allowed.