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Fantasies, Vol. II Will Belegon

Fantasies, Vol. II

Will Belegon

Published May 14th 2007
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 About the Book 

Will Belegon is an author/editor of erotic and romantic novellas and short stories. His primary publisher is Phaze, but he also has work available from Charles River Press and eXessica. His poetry has appeared at Oysters & Chocolate and Clean Sheets. He has read his work to nightclub audiences in New York City or to an audience of four at one a.m. in San Diego. He is always working on something new. Unfortunately, it is not always after finishing something else, thus the constant growth of his Work In Process file. His most recent release with co-author Alessia Brio is At Last, a tale of a chance meeting on a historic day. In addition, he writes about the Chargers and Padres, coaches Little League and gets constantly manipulated by his two reasons for being, his children.