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Sade Lanes Harbour Campbell Griffith

Sade Lanes Harbour

Campbell Griffith

Published November 1st 2005
ISBN : 9781420878059
212 pages
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 About the Book 

Victoria Chae Wiser, faced with her second tragedy, must make a decision of whether she should faithfully trust her hearts desire by allowing herself to love again or give up on love all together protecting her heart from, yet another, horrifying tragedy that could ultimately scar for life and shatter her heart in a million pieces. In choosing to love again, she opens her heart up for the ultimate unexpectation of marrying into a family that caused her first tragedy to occur years ago. Furthermore, if she decides to shelter her heart from all possible love or heartache, she will never know the underlying reason for how her first misfortune started and why Victorias love for Camden, Maine retires her to the beach home of her dreams where a second heartbreak occurs leaving her hopeless. Chet McQuade comes into her life to help rebuild her heart when their love overwhelms the fact that Chet relates to the first catastrophe in her life. This page-turner will allow you to laugh, fall in love, cry from the intense emotions, and grow attached to the characters and their stories. Victoria and Bruce Wiser were the happiest couple in the harbour. Nevertheless, one day, Bruce is gone from her life in just moments, and she has to start her life all over again. Her past instilled in her thoughts daily because of the tragedy that occurred during their marriage, but it seems to help her new life blossom as she begins her next chapter of life on Sade Lanes Harbor. A beginning with the most enduring relationship imaginable develops so tastefully like wine over the years. The emotions throughout this story are overwhelmingly preserved.