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Dragon Eye Beth Pratt

Dragon Eye

Beth Pratt

Published August 26th 2002
ISBN : 9781588516138
119 pages
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 About the Book 

Upon finding the mysterious Dragon Eye, Tristan is forced through a portal painting and arrives in the mysterious land of Tiburon. Tristan desperately wants to return home, away from this strange land, but the Tiburonians wont let him leave until the evil monster, that has been stealing the souls of their people, is found and conquered. Tristans Dragon Eye belongs to the Soul Stealer, and the Stealer wants it back. Tristans only option is to find the Soul Stealer himself, so he can go back to his own world. On his quest Tristan, and his companion, Oleandria, must find a way to escape ice monsters, evil Dragon Seers, soulless ones, and real dragons that threaten their survival. They must also use the clues they find to seek out the Soul Seers lair, and discover his true identity.