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Love Stuff (Love & Other Stuff, #2) Diane Lee

Love Stuff (Love & Other Stuff, #2)

Diane Lee

Published May 1st 2015
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 About the Book 

How do you make sense of a dating world that favours quick and dirty hook-ups over romance and intimacy?The second book in the Love & Other Stuff series picks up some two years after Diane Lee’s devastating break-up with The Italian. Keen to explore new relationships, all she finds are disappointing experiences that lead nowhere fast. Armed with the knowledge that her choice of men has everything to do with her childhood, Diane embarks on a journey of self-discovery that culminates in the realisation that love may not ever find her again…I could definitely relate to this story of a love affair that COULD have been great. I loved the fairy tale finale. Definitely worth the read. Fantastic flow of conscience. I didnt want it to end. Awaiting the next instalment. Five stars for Part 1. ~ Karen B.I love the way you write, your well-earned confidence in life, your great sense of humour as you write, and your forthright way of writing… no BS from this girl. ~ Geraldine G.Humour and pain, dreams and reality… this is a soul-bearing story of love and loss in which Diane Lee shares her experiences and witty wisdom. ~ Sonya C.You have something to share, and women are going to relate and think about this. Some will ponder, some will nod their heads. I enjoyed the book. ~ Cassie N.Adapted from The Diane Lee Project, readers will find the writing honest, brave and compelling. Every woman who has ever searched for love and ached at the futility of it all will recognise herself in Diane’s quest.If youve ever bounced back from disappointment in love, or are wondering if its even possible, then Part 2: Love Stuff of the Love & Other Stuff series is for you.