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Wife to Henry V Hilda Lewis

Wife to Henry V

Hilda Lewis

Published 1957
417 pages
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 About the Book 

Hilda Winifred Lewis (1896-1974) was a British writer.She wrote a noted childrens book, The Ship that Flew (1939) which concerns Norse mythology and time travel. It was republished in the Oxford Childrens Modern Classics series in 1998. Her three YA books, including the well-received The Gentle Falcon, are available for Kindle and iBooks.Several of her historical novels, e.g. I am Mary Tudor (1972), received attention. Most of her work is now out of print. Wife to Charles II and I, Jacqueline are available in The Book Peoples historical fiction paperback collection. The Witch and the Priest (1956) about the seventeenth century Lincolnshire witch trials is well worth reading, even second hand in the freely available but lurid Dennis Wheatley paperback Library of the Occult format.