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BattleTech: Ghost Bears Lament (Part One) Mohan Jr., Steven

BattleTech: Ghost Bears Lament (Part One)

Mohan Jr., Steven

Published February 13th 2012
Kindle Edition
89 pages
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 About the Book 

The Clans: a civilization that worships war. Soldiers altered in body and mind. Men and women bent to the blade. They slash through space, cutting through their enemies like a laser cuts through flesh.No one can stand against them.Star Commander Richard Bekker of Clan Ghost Bear is smart, tough, and ruthless—the perfect Clan warrior. Victory is all he has ever known.That’s about to change.Because he’s going to face an enemy unlike any he’s ever seen—unlike any ANYONE’S ever seen. And if he is going to triumph, if he’s going to SURVIVE, he will have to reach inside, past his Clan training, and find the part of himself that is human.Steven Mohan, Jr. has professionally published more a half million words of military science fiction including the BattleTech novel A BONFIRE OF WORLDS. He has sold original fiction to markets as diverse as INTERZONE, POLYPHONY, and PARADOX, as well as several DAW original anthologies. His short stories have won honorable mention in THE YEARS BEST SCIENCE FICTION and THE YEARS BEST FANTASY AND HORROR and he has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize.