Best Vacuum For Laminate Floors of 2018 & Buying Guide

Laminate flooring is made of pressed wood. It then typically has an image of hardwood placed over it. Laminate has a number of benefits compared to other types of flooring. It is about 50% cheaper than hardwood flooring. Laminate is also more durable and resists scratches well, but you want to make sure that you clean your laminate floors properly.

One of the things you need to understand about cleaning laminate is that vacuums with brushes designed for carpet-cleaning are not a good choice for laminate. Vacuum brushes for carpets are created to deep-clean carpet piles, not hardwood flooring. If you have stairs made of laminate, you want a vacuum that will not only do a great job but that is also lightweight and easy to maneuver. In this review, you will learn about vacuums that are a great choice for laminate floors.










iRobot Roomba 650



Hoover FH40165



Dirt Devil SD20505





Buyer’s Guide:

Do some vacuum types do a better job than others cleaning laminate floors?

Generally speaking, canister vacuums are a better choice for laminate and hardwood floors than upright vacuums because canister models they suck up the dirt straight into the canister, which means that they are less likely to disperse particles of dirt compared to other types of vacuums.

Are robotic vacuums a good choice for laminate floors?

Most robotic vacuums have several cleaning modes including a mode for cleaning laminate floors, which makes them a great choice.

What makes dedicated hardwood floor cleaner vacuums different from other types of vacuums?

Various manufacturers have different proprietary technologies for cleaning hardwood floors. For example, certain Bissell hard floor vacuums have a V-shaped base. Because of its form, the base does a great job cleaning both large debris and small particles even though it does not come with a brush. Here’s why this happens: V-shaped wipers of the vacuum move all the large debris on their way into one strong central suction path while the wipers themselves clean up the small particles.

Certain laminate floor vacuums are not even vacuums in the traditional sense of this word. For example, Hoover FH 40165 cleans floors by washing, scrubbing and then sucking in the dirty water. Hoover FH 40165 has two water tanks. One is for clean water and the other one is for dirty water. The separation of the tanks helps to make sure that dirty water doesn’t end up on your clean floors.

What other features of laminate floor vacuum cleaners should I pay attention to?

a. A brush and an on/off brush switch

If you want a model that will clean laminate floors but you also need to clean other types of surfaces, look for a vacuum that has a rotating brush and an on/off switch for the brush. When using such a vacuum, you will be able to turn the brush on to better clean carpets and turn the brush off when you are cleaning laminate floors so that you can avoid scratching them.

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b. Bare floor mode

If you don’t need to clean carpets but have other types of surfaces in addition to laminate floors, look for a vacuum that at least has bare floor mode or height adjustments.

c. Edge cleaning

Finally, pay attention whether the model has a special setting for cleaning the edges of rooms. A vacuum that has such a setting or a feature will make it easy to clean the areas that would be difficult to reach otherwise.

1. iRobot Roomba 650

iRobot Roomba 650 is a great robotic maintenance vacuum. It will do the work for you with just one push of a button. The vacuum comes with a 3-stage cleaning system that will pick up dust, dirt and will do an excellent job picking up pet hairs, too. The vacuum moves around rooms in a spiral pattern, stopping, spinning and vacuuming dirt and hairs that it finds on its way, which is a very effective way of cleaning.

Roomba 650 has pre-scheduling functionality and you can set it in advance to clean the floors when it is convenient for you.

This vacuum automatically detects floor types, including laminate floors, and automatically changes its setting for different kinds of floors.

Roomba 650 docks and charges itself so that you won’t have to worry about it running out of power and you won’t have to dock and charge it manually.

The vacuum has low profile design that allows it to clean under furniture such as beds, couches and sofas.

The machine comes with a spinning side brush that cleans not just the floors but also corners and edges.

The vacuum will get stuck in corners sometimes. Also, the job it does is not absolutely perfect, so you will still need to mop your floors from time to time.


  • Automatically adjusts to all floor types, including laminate
  • Has a feature that allows to schedule up to 7 cleanings a week in advance
  • Navigation with multiple sensors
  • 3-Stage cleaning system
  • Automatic docking
  • Automatic recharging
  • Low profile design


  • Not as powerful as some other vacuums. Less power than more expensive Roomba 770
  • Sometimes get stuck, especially in the corners
  • Does great with picking up pet hairs and dirt but doesn’t clean perfectly

A great vacuum for maintenance cleaning of various types of surfaces, but you will still need to clean manually from time to time if you want spotless floors.


BLACK+DECKER BDH2020FLFH is an extremely versatile and convenient vacuum because it is cordless, light and bagless. At the same time, it comes with a number of attachments for all kinds of surfaces, including a floor head for hard floors. There is also a four-foot extendable hose and a pet brush, a dusting brush and a crevice tool.

The dirt bowl is removable and washable.

The vacuum uses lithium technology that provides it with a lot of suction power that doesn’t fade.

BLACK+DECKER BDH2020FLFH comes with a charging station and base that will keep your vacuum charged and organized.


  • Cordless
  • Lithium technology that provides a lot of power
  • Portable
  • Ultra-compact
  • 3-stage filtration system
  • Comes with a number of attachments, including a floor head
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  • Loud
  • Dirt container is a bit tricky to dump
  • Battery is not replaceable

BLACK+DECKER BDH2020FLFH is a great little versatile vacuum. It is light, cordless and comes with a number of attachments for various tasks, including laminate floors.

3. Hoover FH40165

Hoover FH40165 is a lightweight dedicated hard floor cleaning vacuum. It has brushes designed to clean laminate, hardwood, vinyl and marble.

The machine has a wash mode and a dry mode. In the wash mode the appliance uses brushes to clean and suctions excess water. In dry mode the brushes are disabled and the vacuum removes excess water to speed up the drying time. There is also a clean boost feature that adds extra detergent and does more scrubbing in areas with high traffic.

You can use the vacuum as fast or as slow as you like. The slower you go, the more thoroughly it will clean your floors. If you are looking for a deep clean, go slowly and then turn on the dry mode to remove all the excess water from the floor.

The vacuum has two tanks: one for clean water and one for dirty water. You can fill up or empty each of the tanks individually.

One of the disadvantages of this vacuum is that the removable nozzle is only 11.5 inches wide, so you won’t be able to clean standard 12-inch tiles in one pass.

The vacuum comes with a foldable nozzle for easy storage and a 2-year limited warranty.


  • Hoover Multi-purpose SpinScrub Technology that washes and cleans hard floors
  • Dual tanks for clean and dirty water
  • Wash and dry modes
  • Clean Boost option that uses more detergent to clean stains and areas with high traffic
  • Lightweight at 14lbs
  • Folding handle for convenient storage
  • 2-year warranty


  • Cleaning head is not wide enough to clean a 12-inch tile in one pass
  • On/off switch is made of soft rubber and sometimes gets stuck
  • Noisy

Hoover FH40165 is an excellent machine if you are looking for a dedicated vacuum that will do a terrific job on your laminate floors.

4. Dirt Devil SD20505

Many people buy this vacuum after they get tired of maneuvering full-size heavy vacuums. Dirt Devil SD20505 weighs only 6.7 pounds. It has a bottom-empty dirt collection canister that opens and empties with just one button.

Cyclonic filtration feature offers powerful constant suction. This vacuum has been designed for hard floors. It is small and easy to store even in tight closets and spaces.

Dirt Devil SD20505 comes with a powerful 10 amp motor which is great for bare floors but is a bit too powerful for rugs and small mats.

The vacuum does have several design drawbacks. First, the power cord is 20 feet that some owners of the vacuum find not long enough. Second, the canister is placed low on the body of the vacuum, which makes it impossible to use under furniture.

There is also no release that fixes the vacuum in a standing upright position. For this reason, the machine falls over easily. Finally, Dirt Devil SD20505 is somewhat loud and it will scare pets.

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  • Lightweight at less than 7 pounds
  • Bottom empty dirt cup allows to dispose the dirt with one touch of a button
  • Powerful 10 amp motor
  • 20 foot long power cord
  • No wheels or brushes that could damage floor finish


  • The dirt cup is located low on the vacuum, which makes it hard to get it under the furniture
  • The vacuum falls over easily because there is no release that controls the position of the bottom part
  • The suction could be stronger

An inexpensive vacuum designed specifically for hard floors. Dirt Devil SD20505 is a great choice if you want something easy to maneuver and lightweight.


BISSELL 81L2A is a vacuum specifically designed for hard floors. It has a unique V-shaped head that makes it easy to clean corners, edges, tight spaces and areas around furniture legs.

Because of the shape of the head, it quickly and effectively moves large debris and dirt into the center of the suction path of the vacuum while the ends of the head capture smaller particles. This only works on hard floors, which is why the vacuum is almost useless on carpets and rugs.

The suction of the vacuum is strong and powerful. BISSELL 81L2A is a great choice for hard floors if you have pets because it will clean up both pet litter and pet hair. Because of its shape it will also do so under the furniture where other vacuums simply won’t fit.

Some of the disadvantages are the noise that the vacuum makes, a somewhat short power cord and a cheap feel of the plastic parts of the vacuum. This being said, BISSELL 81L2A is sturdy and well-made where it counts and despite the feel, the motor, the filter and the canister do perform their functions well.


  • Has unique design that allows it to capture dirt along corners and tight spaces
  • Easily cleans around furniture legs
  • Has been specifically designed for hard floors


  • Cord is only 20 feet long
  • The head is a bit small
  • The vacuum is noisy and will scare off pets and children with its noise

BISSELL 81L2A works great for pet hair and crumbs removal from laminate floors. The vacuum has been designed for hard floors and will not work well with carpets.


When choosing a vacuum for laminate floors, you do have many options. You can pick between a robotic vacuum, an upright machine or a canister vacuum. Some of the models available on the market don’t just vacuum the laminate but also wash it and dry it, helping it look absolutely spotless. One of the main factors you should consider is whether you want a dedicated laminate floor vacuum or a versatile machine. While a dedicated vacuum will do a better job, you won’t be able to use it to clean furniture and upholstery while a versatile vacuum will clean all kinds of surfaces and areas.