Best Vacuum For Thick Carpet of 2018 & Buying Guide

Buying a vacuum is pretty much a necessity for someone who has a house with thick carpets in it. However, it’s not as simple as buying a vacuum for a hardwood floor. Buying a vacuum for other types of floor is pretty much as simple as going to the store, pointing your finger at a model, and paying for it.

Thick carpets require more care, better hardware, and more power to clean properly. They can trap dirt much deeper, and they’re a lot more difficult to give a complete, deep clean. Fortunately, we’ve put together a guide for buying vacuums for people with thick carpets. After reading this article you’ll be able to make a good decision.


















How to buy a vacuum for a thick carpet

The first major decision that you have to make is whether the type of vacuum is something you need to choose. While each type of vacuum has many different features you can choose from, sometimes people’s choices are limited by their storage room, their mobility or other factors. With that in mind, you can figure out whether you need to choose between one of these types first.

The best types of vacuums for cleaning thick carpets are:

Upright vacuums.

  • Upright vacuums are good choices because they often boast the most hardware capacity. Thick carpets mean you need to do deep cleaning, and to do that, you need to have a vacuum that can use suction with a certain amount of power.
  • Upright vacuums are usually among the cheaper model, at least for full-sized vacuums. Handheld ones are typically cheaper but they’re not going to be much use if you’re trying to clean an entire carpet.
  • Upright vacuums usually require you to push a lever with your foot to make them accessible. This limits the range of motion you have when you’re using one.

Canister vacuums

  • Canister vacuums are smaller than upright ones, at least vertically.
  • The price of canister vacuums varies immensely. Some can be cheaper than upright vacuums but many are more expensively. Typically canister vacuums are made for hardwood floors, rugs, or low-pile carpets, so they’re not generally the best that you can find for thick carpets.
  • Canister vacuums are, however, much easier to move around than upright vacuums. This makes them ideal for people who have large houses, and can even make cleaning thick carpet better because you might have to go back and forth several times.

Robotic vacuums

  • Robotic vacuums are, obviously, high-end model. They can be in the shape of canister vacuums, the sucking parts of upright vacuums, or have their own unique shape.
  • Robotic vacuums are great because they take the time and effort out of vacuuming, making them ideal for the elderly, for people who are busy, or for people who just have a lot of money and lazy.
  • If you’re buying a robotic vacuum, make sure you get one that’s specifically made for thick carpets. They aren’t always made to handle the deep-set dirt that gets into thick carpets, and a vacuum made for hardwood floors won’t do anything to your carpet.
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What features should I choose for vacuuming a thick carpet?

Now that you know what sort of vacuum you’re going to get, you can start picking the features you need, and deciding on the specs of your vacuum. There are certain things that you’ll need to make sure your vacuum has, if you’re cleaning thick carpets.

We’ll make sure you know what these are. The rest you can decide yourself, depending on your personal preference, the other areas you’ll be cleaning, and more.

Filtration systems

Filtration systems are ideal for people who like to breathe clean air, which is most of us, I’d assume. A proper filter ensures that the dust and smaller particles from stuff you’re vacuuming doesn’t get rerouted back into the air and make its way into your lungs. There are different types of filtering systems available.

  • HEPA systems (high-efficiency particulate air filters) are the best on the market. They were first developed by Miele, a brand which still boasts the highest quality of filtration for cleaning products. A good HEPA filter will have a rubber gasket sealant that ensures all air goes through the filter and is retained. This Eliminates 99.7% of particles that are bigger than 0.3 microns.
  • Cheaper HEPA filters don’t have the rubber gasket. While the filter itself is still high quality, much air escapes through the unsealed connection. Lower-quality vacuums will use these.

Various power settings

Power settings are important, especially if your house has more than one type of flooring. If you’re going to be vacuuming a thick rug one day and a hardwood floor the next, it’ll be easier to just get a vacuum with variable power instead of two vacuums.

Some vacuums really work for their customer’s convenience and put the button for the power adjustments right on the vacuum’s handle. More often than not, you have to reach towards the vacuum itself to adjust the power, which is often loud and smelly and warm.

Bags or dirt cups

If you get a vacuum that has bags it’s important to know whether or not they’re disposable. Disposable bags are going to cost more when you have to replace them, and are naturally not the best decision for people on a budget.

Some vacuums use dirt cups, similar to the canisters on canister vacuums. Some models have dirt cups that are easily emptied with the flick of a switch or the push of a button; others require that you unscrew them to empty them.

So what vacuums are the best for thick carpets?

Once you’ve decided whether you need a stand up, a canister, a robotic vacuum, or some other type, like a stick vacuum, you can begin to look for the best vacuum to suit your needs.

We’ve taken a look at a lot of vacuums and reviewed the best ones that we’ve seen. These ones have a good amount of features and many can be used in a wide variety of situations, so if you pick one of these vacuums, you’re probably going to end up with a unit that’s going to keep you satisfied in all different areas.

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Okay, well, this is pretty much the best vacuum ever. It’s also one of the priciest ones out there, but here’s why.

It uses the Maytag’s own custom “Mo2or Dual Intake system.” This is a system that uses two motors instead of one. One of them is a clean air motor and the other’s a direct air motor, which means you’ll get nonstop suction without recycling the air. This means you get a great quality clean on carpets as well as on other types of floor.

  • This vacuum comes with a hose and a bunch of custom cleaning tools. These include tools to clean up pet hair.
  • It uses a 6-stage HEPA filter, which is better than average and can even filter out things like the smell of charcoal
  • The bag holds almost 5 quarts
  • There’s a simple and convenient button to push that lets you switch between carpet mode and hard floor mode

The cord on this badboy is 35 feet which is much longer than most competitors on the market and will save you time from having to find outlets all the time. The cleaning tools include a telescopic wand and a crevice tool and can improve your cleaning range by seventeen feet!

It’s even got a headlight so you can vacuum in the dark, if you want. (Or get into those sheisty dark areas between the couch and the wall.) It’s also got adjustable height so different folks can vacuum it, all backed by a warranty.


  • Great for people with allergies due to the crazy filter
  • Long cord length ensures convenience
  • Has a variety of cleaning tools
  • Made to be very durable
  • All backed by a 5 year warranty
  • Can clean up pet hair without clogging


  • Quite expensive
  • Have to buy replacement bags


Soniclean is a company that’s remained largely underground due to their preference not to spend millions on advertising. They’re made in Germany and they all of their units have a sweet, unique vibration patent on them that helps them get dirt and dust that other vacuums might not be able to access.

Surprisingly, this vacuum’s been tested to perform better than other top brands like Dyson and Oreck. They’re made for use on carpets, which can be hard to clean and often require specialty vacuums, making this one an ideal choice.

It’s been certified Gold by the CRI (the carpet and rug industry) which means that it’s been tested not only to be incredibly clean but incredibly reliable and durable. It’s lightweight and it has a ventilation system that can be adjusted, making it easy to move around even on thick carpets.

It uses HEPA filters, of course, and the bag holds up to 7.5 liters. Each bag’s supposed to last 8 weeks, but who knows what that means because people vacuum at different levels.

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  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Great for even the thickest carpets
  • Vibration Technology helps to deep clean
  • Gold certified
  • Impressive HEPA filters
  • Big bag doesn’t need frequent changing


  • Still need to pay to replace bag
  • Doesn’t come with attachable cleaning tools


In contrast to their prior model, the VTPLUS is one of Sonicare`s cheapest models, and is probably the best lowest price option you’re going to find for cleaning a carpet well.

Like the name implies, Soniclean uses ‘sonic-cleaning technology,’ which, as opposed to just being sciency garble, uses a bar that’s built adjacent to the brush roll and spends its time vibrating incredibly quickly. This is the same piece of technology that helps dislodge dirt in the prior model.

It’s very lightweight and easy to move.


  • Very cheap and affordable model
  • Uses sonic cleaning vibration technology
  • Made to last
  • Uses a perfume dispenser to make your room smell nice
  • Has two separate cleaning modes
  • 35 foot cord
  • Only weighs ten and a half pounds
  • Comes with a 3 year warranty on the motor


  • No cleaning tools
  • Louder than some of the other options
  • Replacing bags costs money


Oreck, with this model, has made one of the best vacuums in terms of weight-to-power ratio. As far as powerful upright vacuums go, this is one of the lightest ones you can get.

There’s two levels of speed that you can easily adjust, making it good for different types of carpets. You can go really slow on fragile or valuable carpets, and you can get a more steady movement going on regular carpets.

You do have to replace the bags, but Oreck has made their own patented Saniseal system which allows you to change the bags without much effort. It’s CRI certified at the gold level, comes with a seven-year warranty, and has these features:

  • There’s big front wheels to make it easy to move on carpet
  • A thirty food cord
  • Uses an Endurolife belt which is made to be, well, durable. For life.
  • There’s side brushes to help you clean baseboards and corners


  • Super lightweight and easy to move
  • Great for picking up dirt
  • Saniseal system makes changing bags simple
  • Automatic system shutdown if something gets stuck


  • Doesn`t come with any cleaning tools
  • Have to pay to replace bags

So which one’s the best?

Soniclean Soft Carpet Upright wins this round. It’s not as expensive as the first model, but boasts a similar amount of features. Of course, it’s also not as powerful, but it has features like the vibration system that allow you to get a strong, deep clean without needing pure suction power.

This vacuum`s built to last a long time but still comes with an impressive five year warranty. This is a great choice.