Best Vacuum For Cleaning Dog Hair of 2018 & Buying Guide

Buying a vacuum is one thing, and even that is a bit of a process. You need to consider a lot of things, like the type of floor you’re cleaning, the amount you’re going to be using the vacuum, your budget. The list goes on.

But what about people who are cleaning a home that’s laden with dog hair? That’s an entirely different process, and it’s a good thing to be prepared about making a purchase like this. Dog owners aren’t going to want the same high-powered hardwood floor cleaners that their neighbors might want, but they’re going to need something special. That’s what we’re here to tell you.







Electrolux UltraFlex Canister Vacuum



Shark Navigator



New Miele Complete C3



Hoover WindTunnel 3 Pro Pet


So what should I know when choosing a vacuum for dog hair?

There are extra considerations to take when you’re buying a vacuum for cleaning up dog hair. While it’s still going to be necessary to look at the suction power and features, you have to look at your personal situation first. This will determine the type of vacuum you’ll be able to buy.

What kind of area are you cleaning?

This is of huge importance because it determines whether you’re going to need a certain type of vacuum or not, whether battery-operated ones will work for you, etc.

  • If you live in a larger home, you’re not going to be able to use a battery powered vacuum – or a cordless one, as they’re also known. This means you’ll need to get a corded vacuum, probably a standup or a canister vacuum, unless you’re planning to clean your house one room at a time.
  • If you live in a smaller home, you’ll probably be able to clean most of it with a battery-operated, cordless vacuum. If not, you’ll want to get a smaller vacuum, such as a canister vacuum – they take up less storage space, which is a high commodity when you live in a small house. Smaller vacuums are also better suited for apartments.

You’ll also want to consider the type of floor you’re going to be cleaning.

  • Thick carpets often need a special kind of vacuum to clean. We’ve written another article on how to vacuum thick carpets and high-pile carpets.
  • If you’re cleaning a regular carpet, most vacuums should be able to do the job unless they specify that they’re only useful on hardwood floors or other carpets.
  • If you need to clean more than one type of floor, there are vacuums that can switch between vacuum cleaning mode and non-vacuum mode.

If you’re not limited to a specific type of vacuum, or you’re not sure you want the specific type we recommended, let’s take a look at the different types of vacuums.

a). Upright vacuums

Upright vacuums are  by far the most commonplace and are generally what people think of when they hear the word ‘vacuum.’ They can clean a wider area in a smaller amount of time, which makes them ideal for people with bigger houses.

They aren’t without their own problems, though. First off, an upright vacuum requires a lot of storage space. They’re big, and they’re bulky, because they have to store bigger motors and more mechanical infrastructure.That said, they’re also more powerful than the alternatives and can do a better job deep-cleaning in areas where canister vacuums or stick vacuums couldn’t.

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That said, they’re also more powerful than the alternatives and can do a better job deep-cleaning in areas where canister vacuums or stick vacuums couldn’t.

b). Canister vacuums

Canister vacuums are great for a couple reasons when compared to their upright partners.

  • They’re smaller than upright vacuums so they can be much more easily stored.
  • Since they’re smaller, they also weigh less, which makes them easier to move and easier to access difficult areas with. If you have stairs in your house that you’re planning to vacuum, canister vacuums are probably your best bet.

These features are all based on your house, but there’s still more considerations to make when buying a vacuum that not only caters to all the prior preferences, but to your animals as well. They’re about halfway between an upright vacuum and a handheld one, if you want to look at it that way.

c). Handheld vacuums

Handheld vacuums aren’t really going to be a viable option if you need to clean your entire house. However, they’re good if you need to get animal hair off your couch cushions or off your bed.

Since most upright vacuums and canister vacuums have attachments that can be used on furniture, you’re not really saving yourself time by buying a handheld vacuum. Speaking of attachments…

What attachments does the vacuum come with?

If you’re getting an upright or a canister vacuum, you’re probably wondering how you’re going to clean your furniture. No worries – you don’t have to buy a handheld vacuum just to do that!

Most vacuums come with a number of attachments that are commonly known as tools. These can provide you with a number of conveniences and allow you to clean areas that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to reach. Some of them are made just for pet hair. These are some common tools to look for.

  • Crevice tools, if you have tight spaces between furnishings or the walls in your house that pet hair can get into.
  • Upholstery tools allow you to clean off your furniture with ease
  • Extension tools increase the range of your vacuum
  • Pet brushes are extensions specifically designed to pick up pet hair and are one of the prime differences between a vacuum made for dogs and a ‘normal’ one.

So what are the best vacuums for cleaning dog hair?

We’ve looked at quite a few different models here and have concluded that these ones are probably your best bets for cleaning dog hair off a variety of surfaces. Remember that your ultimate decision matters more about your personal area than what we’re saying, so select the vacuum that’s best suited for your immediate living area.

1. Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Vacuum

This is another popular vacuum that keeps appearing on our lists, no matter what the need is. For cleaning dog hair, it’s a great option, and here’s why.

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It uses special technology to ensure a gentle deep clean. This means it can get dirt out of your carpet when other vacuums can’t, but whereas most high power deep cleaning vacuums might cause damage to soft carpets, this one doesn’t. This is great for cleaning old dog hair that couldn’t be cleaned before.

It’s got a great HEPA filtration system. This vacuum is certified to be allergy friendly, which is particularly important if you have friend how are allergic to pet hair – then you can get rid of it before they come to visit your house.

This vacuum has an adjustment dial that allows you to choose what type of floor you’d like to clean at the time being. This allows you to change cleaning modes and allows this vacuum to perform great on all sorts of different floors.

For movement, this vacuum is great. It’s got a swivel headed steering column which puts it far above other vacuums in terms of ease of movement. You can turn the head itself and follow through, instead of having to walk your vacuum around awkwardly. It’s also a very lightweight model which ensures you can drag it around your house with ease.

Best of all, this vacuum comes with a good pet hair brush attachment. This can be attached to the end of the vacuum and utilized to pick up pet hair much more efficiently than other competing models.


  • Lightweight model that’s easy to move
  • Uses a double HEPA filtration system
  • Allergy friendly
  • Has an adjustment knob so you can switch between different floor cleaning modes
  • Swivel headed steering column
  • Has a pet hair brush attachment


  • It’s a little top heavy
  • The LiftAway feature that this vacuum is renown for is actually quite awkward to use

2. Hoover WindTunnel 3 Pro Pet

This is a good budget vacuum and it provides a similar level of function to some of the higher end vacuums.

This vacuum features an improvement to the WindTunnel technology that Hoover has received critical acclaim for. This version uses three separate cyclonic suction units which makes this vacuum ideal for all sorts of different cleaning environments regardless of the type of flooring.

It has an easily washable HEPA filtration system that ensures you’ll keep all the dangerous particles you’re sucking up out of the air you’re breathing. HEPA filtered vacuums are also ideal for people who suffer from allergies.

The vacuum features a long cord, with an easy automated retraction. This saves you from having to walk around and wrap up the cord after you’re done working.

This unit also features a manual adjustment knob like the previous entry which allows you to switch from different cleaning modes to suit different floor types.


  • This is an easily affordable budget vacuum
  • Uses an improved version of Wind Tunnel technology
  • Allows you to easily switch from different cleaning modes to suit different floor types.
  • Has an automatically retractable cord for convenience
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  • Not the most agile or easy to use vacuum
  • While the cord is retractable, it’s also not very long

3. New Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog Canister Vacuum Cleaner

You may have heard about Miele vacuums. Maybe not. Miele is the company that first introduced the HEPA filter to the market, so their vacuums are known for being extremely efficient at filter dust particles and allergens – like dog hair.

This unit is specifically marketed to clean up pet hair, so you know you’re getting one of the best possible deals when you buy this one.

It’s got six stages of different speeds that you can use. These speeds are controlled by switches that are located near the bottom of the vacuum. This can easily be adjusted during use by pushing your foot down on the switch.

The vacuum comes with a number of different vacuum accessories, also commonly known as tools. These tools are easily cleaned and allow you to clean all sorts of different areas without having to make massive adjustments.

The two most important parts for cleaning dog hair are the electro brush, and the mini turbo brush. These allow you to disturb pet hair while it’s sitting on the carpet or on furniture, and easily suck it up afterwards.


  • Made by the company that introduced HEPA filters to the market
  • Made specifically to clean up pet hair
  • Has six different speeds that you can easily switch between
  • Has a number of different vacuum tools
  • Has some tools made specifically to clean pet hair


  • The motor isn’t the most reliable
  • Some people report having to get it fixed frequently

4.Electrolux UltraFlex Canister Vacuum

This is the best canister vacuum that you could buy for cleaning pet hair. It actually beat Dyson’s top model, which was one of the competitors. Impressive, since Dyson has made the number one spot on our lists many times.

Most canister vacuums are designed for use on hardwood floors. Not this one. This one is made to be versatile and can be used on all sorts of floors, from hardwood to super plush carpets, which is more than can be said for some of Dyson’s models.

It’s got big wheels in the back which creates a lower center of gravity, which means you won’t have much difficulty pushing this bad boy around.


  • The best canister vacuum available for cleaning pet hair
  • Beat one of the top competitors in terms of function
  • Can be used on all sorts of different floors
  • Big rear wheels make it easy to move


  • The power cord is only 21 feet.

So which one’s the best?

For this list, we’re going to pick the ElectroLux UltraFlex. This vacuum is fairly affordable and boasts a lot of versatility for vacuums of similar style. It`s got big rear wheels which make it easy to use.

Most importantly this vacuum managed to beat Dyson, which is always one of the strongest competitors for any type of vacuum.